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Boost your energy, freshen your breath and makeup, and make a fashion statement with Little i Energy Gum in a stylish, flip-top tin. Two pieces of peppermint Energy Gum picks you up 3 times faster than leading energy drinks. Unlike ordinary heat-treated gum, Little i's cold-compression technology seals in flavor and energy enhancers for a fast, reliable power boost. The fashionable tin contains a handy mirror so you can freshen your makeup while on the move. Energy Gum contains taurine and B vitamins, plus Xylitol to fight cavities and plaque.

Little i's new cold-pressed Energy Gum will perk you up three times faster than leading energy drinks! Our Peppermint gum is packed with taurine and B vitamins and delivers a burst of flavor while boosting your energy. It contains Xylitol to fight cavities and plaque