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Adorable mini-peppermints in a cute tin are sure to please the palate of your lovable friends and family. Our delightful mirrored tins make charming gifts and fetching gestures. These fun slider tins with attitude offer a mirror and premium sugar-free peppermints sweetened with Splenda.

Pick a personality that matches your mood. Check your makeup and freshen your breath at the same time with Personality Series Mirror Mints®! When you need attention, carry High Maintenance®. On a date, put Flirt® or Hottie® in your handbag. Better yet, try all six Personalities: Shopaholic®, Cute™, Spoiled Rotten®, Hottie®, Flirt®, and High Maintenance®.

Cute Personality Slider

Flirt Personality Slider

High Maintenance Personality Slider

Hottie Personality Slider

Spoiled Personality Slider

Shopaholic Personality Slider