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See and be seen with this smart flip-top tin filled with premium sugar-free mints made in Canada. Suitable for every fashion situation from the office to the party, our mints satisfy that craving for chocolate without all the calories. Urban artwork on the inner lid will please your eye while you reapply your lip gloss. A three-in-one accessory that satisfies your sweet tooth while you freshen your breath and makeup!

Same great-tasting sugar-free mints in a contemporary package! The tin flips open to reveal a handy mirror with eye-pleasing artwork on the inner lid. Packed up in polka dots, flip-top tins are a fashion statement in three yummy flavors: “Glam Girl” peppermint, "Fly Girl" citrus, and "City Chic" chocolate.

Original Peppermint Slider

Original Chocolate Slider

Original Citrus Slider