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Tangy, fruit-burst mints for girls on the go! Sporting popular, trendy polka dots, the flip-top tin features an accessible mirror and cute graphic on the inner lid. Our sugar-free confection is made in Canada and the perfect chaser for every coffee break or nibble. A three-in-one accessory that satisfies your sweet tooth while you freshen your breath and makeup!

Same great-tasting sugar-free mints in a contemporary package! The tin flips open to reveal a handy mirror with eye-pleasing artwork on the inner lid. Packed up in polka dots, flip-top tins are a fashion statement in three yummy flavors: “Glam Girl” peppermint, "Fly Girl" citrus, and "City Chic" chocolate.

Original Peppermint Slider

Original Chocolate Slider

Original Citrus Slider